FanDuel No Deposit Welcome Bonus and Promotions

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We have the latest information on FanDuel Welcome Bonuses and Promotions currently available.

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FanDuel’s Promotions

FanDuel PromoPromo Detail - No Promo Code RequiredClick to Redeem
Deposit BonusReceive a $20 bonus on your initial deposit
Earn a $20 deposit for your first deposit over $5. Bonus must be used within 21 days of claiming.
Free Entry VouchersReceive free NFL vouchers.
New users will receive an NFL "Play Til You Win" voucher as soon as they create an account.
Play Until You WinGet a free voucher until you get your first NFL win.
If you are unsuccessful in you first attempt at "Play Till You Win" contest you will receive another chance to win in that same sport.
Countdown Clock VoucherGet a free entry voucher to a $3 paid contest.
New users will receive a free entry to $3 paid contest when they make their deposit within 10 minutes of seeing the timer.

NOTE: This is an "occasionally" offered promotion
Earn FanDuel PointsFor every $1 you spend on an entry fee to a contest, you will earn 5 FDPs
You can use these FDPs to enter paid contests and a chance to win cash prizes.

Welcome Bonus For New FanDuel Users

FanDuel currently offers new users a Welcome Bonus that they refer to as a “Deposit Bonus”. New users who sign-up for a FanDuel account also receive a free “Play until you win” voucher to enter paid NFL contests, giving you a chance to win cash prizes.

How Does the Deposit Bonus Work?

New user on FanDuel will receive a Deposit Bonus of $20, with an initial deposit of $5. This bonus is valid for 21 days, after that it will be removed from your account.

FanDuel has simplified their deposit bonus to just 1 level, meaning no pressure to deposit more to get a higher bonus back. To maximize the bonus, especially if you are new to Daily Fantasy Sports, depositing $5 would give a $20 deposit bonus. A perfect way to learn and with the minimum investment.

As a reminder this deposit bonus is free play, so you must use the deposit for entering contests. This means you cannot withdraw the bonus for cash. But you can use the deposit bonus to enter paid contests, giving a chance to win real money prizes. So make sure to take this deposit bonus serious and give yourself a chance to win free money.

Deposit Bonus Breakdown

Depost Bonus$20
Minimum Deposit$5
Expiresafter 21 days

Is the Deposit Bonus In Cash or Free Play?

The $20 Deposit Bonus is Free Play. This means you cannot withdraw the bonus from your account and redeem for cash. But the bonus play can be used to purchase entry into paid contests. You can turn your free entries into paid contests, into an opportunity to win real money prizes.

How Do I Get the Deposit Bonus?

To get the Deposit Bonus you must be a new user and create a FanDuel account and make an initial deposit of at least $5 into your account. NO PROMO CODE is needed to get the deposit bonus.

We go into more details about creating an account and how to deposit money into your account in the sections below.

FanDuel Deposit Bonus upto $100
FanDuel Play Until You Win

How Do You Get the “Play Until You Win” Vouchers?

When you are a new user and sign up for a FanDuel account, you will automatically receive a free “Play Free Until You Win” vouchers to an NFL contest.

FanDuel gives you a free chance of winning cash prizes, just by signing up. No deposit and no promo code is needed to receive these free vouchers.

To see your vouchers, check your notifications or the Vouchers page. If you look at your notifications you will see the expiration towards the bottom of each notification.

The NFL “Play Til You Win” Voucher is good until 12/31/2018.

Play Until You Get Your First Win

Not only does FanDuel give new users a free NFL “Play Free Till You Win” voucher, it gives you multiple opportunities to get your first win in an NFL contest. If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt at “Play Free Till You Win” contest, FanDuel will give you another voucher to that same sport. The voucher will usually be issued the following business day. You will continue to get another opportunity to a “Play Free Till You Win” contest, until you earn your first win.

Just for being a new user, FanDuel is giving you a great opportunity by guaranteeing you prize money.

Not only is this is chance for free cash prizes, it is FanDuel’s way of helping you learn how to play daily fantasy sports in a competitive environment. So use this opportunity to learn strategies and create winning rosters that you can use in the future to win cash prizes in daily fantasy sports contests.

Sign-up With FanDuel and Getting Started

The first step to claiming either Deposit Bonus or the NFL “Play Free Til You Win” Voucher is to sign up and create a FanDuel account. Just a reminder, these two promotions are only available to new user accounts.

The sign-up form is simple. It asks for basic account information that is common when you create accounts. You will need to fill in the following information:

  • Your Full Name
  • Valid Email Address
  • Screen name
  • Password

If you see an option to fill in a promo code, you can leave it empty, as no promo code is required for these current FanDuel promotions.

You will also want to click on the “Terms” and “Privacy Policy” pages on the bottom to read up about them. Once you agree to both of FanDuel’s “Terms” and “Privacy Policy”, you can click on the “Play Now” button to submit your account info. Your account has now been create and you will receive your welcome voucher for an
“NFL Play Free Till You Win” contest. The vouchers will be visible when you check your notifications or go to the voucher page.

To receive the deposit bonus, you will still need to make an initial deposit of $5 or more. You can read about it in the next section.

FanDuel Sign-Up Form

Making Your First Deposit

After you have registered for a FanDuel account, you will want to make your initial deposit to receive your Deposit Bonus.

When you go to the deposit screen, the first thing you will want to select is the amount you want to deposit. To remind you, FanDuel shows the deposit bonus below the predefined deposit amounts ($5, $25, $100 and $250).

You will now need to select the source you want to use to fund your account. Your options for credit cards are MasterCard, Visa and Discover. If you want to use AmericanExpress, you can do so through using your PayPal account. You can also use PayPal’s other funding options, like bank account, to fund your FanDuel account.

As soon as you hit the “Deposit Funds” button, FanDuel will credit your account once your payment has been approved.

Now that your account has made its initial deposit, you will receive you Deposit Bonus and can use that to enter paid contests. Make sure to take advantage of this free opportunity to win cash prizes.

FanDuel Initial Deposit

Countdown Clock Offer for $3 Entry Voucher – Occasional Promotion

When you make your first deposit, if you see a countdown timer, FanDuel is offering a FREE $3 Entry Voucher to a paid contest. You can use this voucher to enter a paid contest and give your chance to compete for cash prizes.

Just a note, this is an “occasionally” offered promotion, so if you do not see this you are not eligible or it is not available at this time.

FanDuel’s Player Club

FanDuel’s Player Club is a loyalty program through FanDuel Points, aka FDPs. Everytime you enter a paid contest, you will earn FDPs. The rate at which you earn FDPs is for every $1 spent on entry fees to a contest, you will 5 FDPs in return. If you enter a $50 contest, you will earn 250 FDPs.

For users that that play frequently, they will find FanDuel’s Player Club a great way to enter paid contests using their free FDPs.

An important thing to remember, is that FDPs expire after 1 year of inactivity earning additional FDPs.

FanDuel FDP Balance

Enter Paid Contests Using Your FDPs

After entering a few paid contest, you will increase your FDP balance enough to purchase entry to a paid contest using your FDPs. This gives you an opportunity to turn your free FDPs into a chance at cash prizes.

After you select the contest you want to enter, and read the scoring rules and prize payout, you will want to fill your roster as you normally. Before you submit your roster, you will see a blue link next to the “Enter” button. The link will be worded something like “Enter using X,XXX FDP”, the amount of FDP needed to fund your contest depends on its entry cost. That’s all there is to using your FDP balance, instead of cash from your account, to enter a contest. This gives you an opportunity to win cash prizes for free.

Use FDPs to Enter Contests

How Does FanDuel Work

FanDuel’s contests are daily fantasy sports based and give you an opportunity to win cash prizes. If you are familiar with fantasy sports leagues it is similar in strategy. Instead of playing and waiting for a full season, your roster resets daily (or weekly depending on sport) giving you an opportunity to win daily. You also have the advantage of taking a break and playing on the days you have time.

The best way to start is to enter the FanDuel Lobby where you can see the different sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, etc) and different types of contests (Tournaments, Beat the Score, Multipliers, etc). If you are new, you will want to click on each of the contest types, in a particular sport you feel knowledgeable about, and then read the scoring rules and the prize payouts for that contest type. The scoring rules will affect the strategy you choose to use to fill out your roster and finding the best valued players. Prize payout will also affect your odds of placing in the payout bracket as well as how much you will win.

Some of the other factors you will want to consider when deciding which contest to enter are the number of contestants, the cost, single/multiple entries allowed and current players competing against you in the contests.

One of the main factors to consider when choosing a contest are the games and teams that are eligible for the contest. This will dictate the teams and players you will choose from to fill out your roster. If you feel comfortable with the teams and players available, it should make it easier for you to pick a lineup you will want to use to compete.

Sign up now for a FanDuel account and start competing!

FanDuel Lobby
FanDuel Contest - Summary
FanDuel Contest - Scoring
FanDuel Contest - Roster

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